Readercon 2017 Schedule

The big event: The Spoonbenders launch party! Please come by at Saturday, July 17, 9pm in the Blue Hills Room. We’ll have wine and snacks!

Other items on the schedule:

Friday July 14
11:30 AM B Reading: Daryl Gregory. Daryl Gregory. Daryl Gregory reads from Spoonbenders (Knopf).

1:00 PM AT Autographs. Ellen Datlow, Daryl Gregory.

Saturday July 15
10:00 AM 6 The Life-Changing Magic of Outlining Your Novel. Daryl Gregory, Elaine Isaak (leader), Yoon Ha Lee, Mark Oshiro, Terence Taylor. Developing a novel outline can be nearly as complex a process as writing the novel itself. Our panel of plotters will discuss the many techniques they’ve used for developing the skeletons of books, and consider which outline creation skills and tools lend themselves to particular genres and styles of writing. Hybrid methods of outlining and making decisions on the fly will also be discussed.
1:00 PM 6 Round Robin Reading. Michael Blumlein, Gillian Daniels, Daryl Gregory, Ilana Myer, Cecilia Tan. We’ve gathered authors for a group reading, but rather than the traditional reading where each reads their own work, each will read the work of one of the other participating authors! A fun twist on traditional readings, inspired by Malka Older and Max Gladstone.

3:00 PM CL Kaffeeklatsch. Daryl Gregory, Liza Groen Trombi.

9:00 PM — The Aforementioned Launch Party! Blue Hills Room